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Raising a Fox Spirit in My Home Chapter 55

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Chapter 55 You Are Hairy!

After they walked away, Li Yundong wiped his eyes and smiled. “Su Chan, your words almost made me cry in public! You are really good at this!”

Su Chan smiled and said, “Am I?”

Li Yundong smiled and said, “Yes! Do you think I’m not mature to cry because of this?”

Su Chan climbed on Li Yundong’s back and said with a smile, “Why would I? If you are not mature, no man in the world is mature.”

Li Yundong laughed happily. “You want me to carry you back? Well, you made me very happy today. Come on, I am carrying you back today!”

Su Chan rested her chin on Li Yundong’s broad shoulder and giggled, “Promise!”

Li Yundong smiled and said, “You have already climbed up. Can I refuse? Do not talk nonsense; let us go home!”

While they were outside, Tiannan University had already started to experience trouble.

“Where is Li Yundong?” Feng Na looked for Li Yundong backstage. “There’s only an hour let til we start! How can he not be here now?”

Feng Na saw Sun Li, who was helping her classmates put on makeup. She immediately grabbed her and said loudly, “Where is Li Yundong?”

Sun Li was stunned. “Is he not here?”

Feng Na looked like a madman. “You are his class leader. Are you asking me?”

Sun Li said loudly, “I called him today and he said he would come!”

As soon as Sun Li thought of Li Yundong, who was unruly, she could not help becoming angry. She pulled a female classmate to her and asked, “Have you seen Li Yundong?”

The female student shook her head. “He is so mysterious so how can we know his whereabouts?”

Sun Li asked a few students in succession, and they all shook their heads and said they didn’t know. Sun Li was anxious. “How can he be missing for such an important thing?”

A girl passing by suddenly said, “I saw Li Yundong this morning.”

Sun Li and Feng Na rejoiced, “Where?”

The girl said, “At the school gate, with his girlfriend. He seemed to have a fight with a teacher…”

Sun Li asked, “And then?”

The girl spread her hands. “Then he left with his girlfriend.”

Feng Na rubbed her forehead with her hand and sighed, “He won! If this guy was an emperor, he must be a stupid and self-indulgent ruler who loves beauties more than the country!”

Sun Li said, “Phew, he, an emperor? He has no sense of class honor!”

Feng Na laughed. “Since when is the emperor related to class honor?”

Sun Li glanced at Feng Na and passed her phone. “This is your business. You call him yourself.”

Feng Na quickly smiled and said, “Beauty, help me. He is also a student in your class! Hurry up, maybe it is not too late!”

Sun Li took back the phone and dialed the number. After waiting for a long time, there was still no one answering the phone. After several times, Sun Li was so angry that she just wanted to slam the phone. “Why does this bastard never answer his phone? Is it a landline telephone? Why he can’t he take it with him?”

Feng Na covered her face and smiled bitterly. “What can I do? I will die!”

The two girls were complaining about Li Yundong when a voice sounded.

“What are you doing here? What happened to Li Yundong?” Sun Li and Feng Na were all shocked when they heard this because it was a man’s voice. They quickly turned around.

Feng Na fixed her eyes and found it was teacher Liu, the teacher who caught them last time when they at the school gates. She said surprisingly, “Mr. Liu, this is the area where the girls change clothes. How can you come in?”

The girls who were changing clothes and wearing makeup in the background hurriedly put their clothes on. Some screamed in small voices, and some snorted, “What an old rogue!”

Mr. Liu wore a decent look as if he didn’t look at the girls. However, his eyes could not help glancing at the girls who were in less clothes. He said, “I am here to see how well you are prepared! Just now what were you talking about? What did Li Yundong do?”

Feng Na was shocked and tentatively asked, “Mr. Liu, Li Yundong didn’t do anything. Did he offend you?”

Mr. Liu was just planning to peek at the girls, but when he heard what Feng Na and Sun Li said about Li Yundong, it resonated in his heart and couldn’t help complaining.

He said with an angry look, “This student does not respect teachers or abide by the rules of the school! He always brings irrelevant people into the school, and insults his teacher in person! He is too awful, so I drove him out today!”

“Ah?” Feng Na listened and almost fell to the ground.

“I have planned this show for many days! I tried my best to make Li Yundong replace Zhao Yujian, and begged Zhou Qin to help Li Yundong solve his troubles with Director Qian. Now this damn teacher actually negated all my efforts with one sentence.”

Feng Na was frozen and was about to explode.

Sun Li knew a little about Feng Na’s mission. She quickly held Feng Na and said to Mr. Liu, “Mr. Liu, Li Yundong is the main actor for the Taekwondo Club for this event. Without him, the show can’t be carried out!”

Mr. Liu was stunned and then became worried, but he refused to admit it. “Why? Without butcher Zhang, we have to eat an unpeeled pig? We can’t allow him to shame us on the stage. No one can replace him in all of Tiannan University?”

Listening to this, Feng Na was irritated. “Mr. Liu, do you know how long I have prepared for this program? Do you know that this program was required by President Ke? Do you know the deputy mayor has asked about it? Gong Zizhen also said we should exploit talents regardless of conventions. Even if Li Yundong made mistakes, he also has his skills. Without him, the program is screwed! Besides, a teacher should not criticize his students like this.”

Hearing Feng Na’s words, Mr. Liu changed his face. His lips twisted and he threw his arms out in anger. “Outrageous, outrageous!”

When Mr. Liu drove Li Yundong out of the school, he never expected that Li Yundong would play such an important role at the performance tonight. He was so worried that he missed a stair and rolled down.

The girls in the backstage locker room laughed happily, “Nice!”

“He’s been looking at my chest since he came in. He deserved it!”

Sun Li sighed, “What did you do? If Li Yundong can’t come, you have offended a teacher!”

After Feng Na said that, she also felt regret in her heart, but she wouldn’t admit it. “Can he dismiss me? Sun Li, call Li Yundong again! Hey, is he living in school?”

Sun Li yelled while dialing her phone, “He doesn’t live in the dormitory. What’s more, even if he used to live in the school, can he live in school anymore with such a charming girlfriend?”

Feng Na asked again, “Do you know where he lives?”

Sun Li shook her head. “He has always been a loner in our class. No one knows where he lives. Hey, wait, he answered the phone!”

Sun Li said loudly to the phone, “Hey, hello, Li Yundong?”

There was a pleasant voice coming from the phone, “Yundong, someone is speaking to me here!”

Then, Li Yundong’s voice sounded from a long distance, “You ask it who is it?”

The girl giggled and asked again, “Yundong asked me to ask who you are.”

Sun Li said in anger, “I am Sun Li, his classmate. You tell him to answer the phone, please.”

The girl became quiet. Sun Li and Feng Na looked at each other and then Feng Na said, “Put it on speaker. I want to listen.”

As soon as Sun Li put it on speaker, water sounded from the phone. Then Li Yundong’s loud voices were heard clearly, “Hey, hello! I am taking a shower. What are you doing? Why are you holding the phone? Idiot, don’t come in. It should kept away from water!”

Even though they were angry, Feng Na and Sun Li suddenly burst into laughter, and the girls who were dressing and changing clothes all surrounded them with interest.

Su Chan said, “Your classmate is looking for you. Do you think I want to come in and see you taking a shower? Phew, ugly. You are hairy!”


The female’s words came out of the phone, and the girls around the phone all laughed.

Li Yundong’s surprised voice sounded through the phone. He said, “Hey, how come there is laughter from the phone? Oh my god, hurry out! Hey, give me the phone before leaving!”

Feng Na and Sun Li laughed their heads off until Li Yundong’s voice sounded on the phone. Sun Li stopped laughing and roared to the phone, “Hey, Li Yundong!”

Li Yundong’s voice sounded very depressed, “It’s you again, class leader?”

Sun Li said with anger, “What do you mean? Don’t you know that we have activities in our school tonight?”

Li Yundong sighed, “The exchange party for the students from America?”

Feng Na couldn’t help shouting at the phone, “You still remember! Come to school now!”

Li Yundong said casually, “I wanted to go, but some people stopped me from entering the school!”

Feng Na loudly said, “You bastard, I just had a fight with Mr. Liu. If you don’t want to have a fight with me, just come over!”

Li Yundong said, “Why did you have a fight with that teacher?”

Sun Li couldn’t help adding, “That’s all your fault.”

Li Yundong was very surprised. “My fault?”

Sun Li said, “Feng Na knew that he has stopped you from coming school, so she argued with him!”

Li Yundong felt awe-inspired, “I am grateful that you helped me! I will go to school as soon as I finish my shower!”

Feng Na felt a little better, “Why you have to be so clean?”

Li Yundong shouted, “I should at least wash off the soap!”

Feng Na laughed loudly, “Keep your soap. Without it, you will look hairier!”

After that, the girls around laughed loudly. Only Li Yundong’s angry voice came from the phone, “Hey, what are you talking about? Hey, how did you hear the conversation between Su Chan and me? Hello, what are you laughing at? How come there are so many people laughing? Hey, talk! Are you on speaker? Damn! You are all bad people.”

T/N: Friday’s release might be delayed, but I am unsure. Just giving everyone a heads up of the possibility.

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