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Raising a Fox Spirit in My Home Chapter 54

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Chapter 54 Holding Your Hand

The gesture of Rong Guo enraged many people around him and after seeing him being humiliated, everyone became happy.

Some people laughed and said, “What do you doing here if you make so much money in a second?”

Then someone smiled and answered, “To invest. He has multinational international financial companies! In your opinion, who built the snack bars around the amusement park?”

“Oh, did such a big boss come here to invest in the snack bars?”

“Hey, haven’t you heard? He does all the work of owner, shopkeeper, and waiter together! He must work hard!”

“Is this called the briefcase company?”

Rong Guo felt very depressed. He glanced at the sneering crowd, and turned back to say to Su Chan, “Young lady, can I have your name?”

“She is Su Chan, my girlfriend.” Li Yundong walked up with two cones in his hands and a smile on his face. “What do you want?”

Rong Guo looked back and saw a boy standing in front of him. He was wearing ordinary clothes, but looked very spirited and his eyes were bright. As soon as he saw him, Rong Guo was crushed.

“You, are you her boyfriend?” Rong Guo’s face looked unnatural. He said and turned around to look at Su Chan. “He is your boyfriend?”

Su Chan took the sweet cone over and licked it. Then she smiled sweetly at Li Yundong and answered, “No!”

Li Yundong’s face changed slightly. Rong Guo laughed happily and said wildly, “How could a beautiful girl like you love such a poor boy!”

When she heard these words, she was somewhat unhappy and looked at Rong Guo with a squint. She put the cone to Li Yundong’s mouth and said sweetly, “He is my master! Master, here, open your mouth!”

Li Yundong laughed and then became happy. He said excitedly, “Well, my little girl behaves well today. I am thrilled! Let me have a taste.”

After that, he ate half of the sweet cone in one bite and laughed slyly.

Su Chan patted Li Yundong angrily, “Hey, don’t eat it all. I hate you!” Then she grabbed the ice cream in Li Yundong’s hand and took a big bite for revenge.

Su Chan’s mouth was so small that she couldn’t eat half of the ice cream as Li Yundong did. She took a bite and then the ice cream covered her mouth!

Li Yundong pointed at Su Chan’s face and laughed, but after a short while, he felt the coolness of the ice cream hit his chest. He couldn’t help gnashing his teeth.

Seeing this, she laughed too, but she also felt cold since the ice cream was still in her mouth. She had to take a deep breath and made fun of Li Yundong, “You deserved it!”

Li Yundong felt that his chest was frozen. He rolled his eyes and was unable to speak.

Seeing their fanny looks, people around them all laughed, except Rong Guo, who stood there and didn’t know how to react.

For an ordinary person, he would leave.

Rong Guo was proud. There was a luxury residential area near the amusement park and he was not here to play. He was on his way home. After he saw Su Chan, he was shocked by her beauty. He just wanted to get her phone number and hoped to ask her out some other day.

However, he felt a high sense of crisis and inferiority over Li Yundong.

Rong Guo knew that he was no longer young like the young man in front of him who looked handsome and heroic. The only things he could rely on and show off were his wealth and experience.

Judging from his experience, there were no women who had no vanity in the world, so there was no woman he could not buy!

Rong Guo sneered and took out the checkbook from his chest. He said to Su Chan, “How much do you want?”

Su Chan was trying to warm her mouth with her hand as she waved it in front of her mouth. When she heard Rong Guo, she swallowed the ice cream from her mouth. As a result, she felt very cold and jumped on the spot. She asked with difficulty, “What? What did you say?” ”

Rong Guo had met countless women, but no one was purer and more beautiful than her. He liked her more and more. So he took a pen and said, “I said, how much money you want to break up with this boy?”

Su Chan heard that this man actually wanted her to leave Li Yundong and suddenly became furious. She lifted her eyebrows and coldly said, “Are you wealthy?”

Rong Guo proudly said, “Of course! I think everyone in this world has a price. As long as I can afford it, no one cannot be bought or sold!”

The intimate feelings between Li Yundong and Su Chan looked adorable to the surrounding tourists. Even if some of them were envying them, they were also very self-aware. They were not willing to destroy the young couple, but when they heard Rong Guo’s words, they were all angry and began yelling at him, “What is so great about being rich?”

“Save your money for your coffin!”

However, it seemed that Rong Guo didn’t hear what they said. He took another look at Li Yundong and said, “How much do you want for you to give her to me?”

Hearing this, Li Yundong wanted to punch his face immediately.

Su Chan knew that the Vital Essence of the gold pill inside Li Yundong’s body was powerful and unbelievably vibrant, but his temperament wasn’t done refining, so he was easily irritated and found it hit people.

She did not want Li Yundong to cause trouble which would disturb their cultivation, so she stopped Li Yundong and shook her head gently.

Then Su Chan said to Rong Guo, “Let me ask you. How many mouths do you have?”

Rong Guo said, “One, what’s wrong?”

Su Chan asked again, “How many feet do you have?”

Rong Guo frowned. “A pair. What are you trying to say?”

Su Chan continued, “How many bodies do you have?”

Rong Guo said impatiently, “There is only one of course!”

Su Chan sneered, “Since you know that you only have one mouth, a pair of feet, and one body, then you should know that even if you have more money, you can only eat a bowl of rice, wear a pair of shoes, and a suit of clothes! You can’t have more cones, shoes, or clothes than us.”

Rong Guo’s face turned red and argued, “But things in the world have different values! I can wear high-end brands…” He pointed at Li Yundong and said, “He can only wear cheap clothes!”

Su Chan sneered again, “Your high-end brand has more parts than Yundong’s? Are there more sleeves? Or a few more buttons? I tell you, people in the world cannot be sorted according to their wealth. There are only good people or evil people, beautiful people or ugly people!”

Hearing this, people around all applauded!

Some young men looked at Su Chan with wishful eyes and applauded hard. The elder men with their female companions sighed inwardly, “Let alone her beautiful appearance, it is hard for people to retain a pure and noble spirit! I would rather give up twenty years to possess such a mate.”

Rong Guo’s long-term outlook on life and value were seriously challenged. He was as angry as a cat with its tail being stepped on and said, “What can you do with that kind of speech? Can it bring you an extravagant life? Can it pay you a mortgage for rent? I can shake the financial circle of Southeast Asia by stamping my feet, but this poor boy, what can he do?”

Su Chan laughed as if this was the most ridiculous joke she had heard in the world. In the eyes of a cultivator like her, everything in the world was less important than cultivation!

No matter how powerful a person was, even if he achieved the status of an emperor, who could kill all the people in the world with a command, he had to follow God’s wishes.

The richest man cited Tao Zhugong, who spent all his money so he could enter Taoism and sought a healthy and long life.

People with high positions enjoyed luxury life for decades. Once the dynasty changed, they would lose everything. After death, there was nothing, but one grave.

All ancient heroes, no matter how great they were, eventually died.

And the tycoons, no matter how rich or how smart they were, could never keep their wealth after death!

A man could only be rich for so long—this was the curse for the rich! What was more, no matter how rich a man was, he could not escape from death!

However, a cultivator could. They could live beyond life and death. In their eyes, power and wealth were just passing sights!

“In ancient times, how many people could control the trend; how many people were powerful and rich; how many people could stay alive forever?” Su Chan laughed and couldn’t help remembering her master’s words.

Su Chan stopped laughing, pointed at Li Yundong and said to Rong Guo, “You must remember his name. He is Li Yundong, my soul mate. Although he is nobody at present, I promise you, in two years, his name must be famous in the world! At that time, he can do what you can do with little effort, but what he can do, you can never do!”

Su Chan said so firmly that the people around them were all shocked. They couldn’t help turning to Li Yundong and wonder why this girl could conclude that Li Yundong must have such a great future ahead of him.

Rong Guo looked strange. He wanted to laugh at her, but the way she acted made him be unable to speak. He made a lot of effort and said, “On what ground are you saying that?”

Su Chan walked to Li Yundong and pulled up Li Yundong’s hand. She smiled slightly, “Because I will be with him!”

Li Yundong looked at Su Chan with emotion and almost shed tears. He would be afraid of nothing since such a girl was accompanying him, even if the sky fell. They smiled and held each other’s hands tightly. They no longer looked at Rong Guo or the crowd and left shoulder by shoulder.

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