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Raising a Fox Spirit in My Home Chapter 52

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Chapter 52 I Want More!

After living with Li Yundong for a long time, Su Chan had learned a lot and was no longer the reckless girl she was when she first arrived. She was anxious and sad. Looking at Li Yundong, she whispered, “I made trouble for you again…”

Li Yundong put his hand on Su Chan’s shoulder, “Stupid. It is not your problem. Teachers are becoming more and more immoral!”

Su Chan felt a little better, but her eyebrows were still full of gloom. “But, but will you be dismissed?”

Li Yundong laughed happily. “If they really want to dismiss me, let them. What is great about this third-rate university!”

Su Chan was still very worried. “You have promised a competition with someone. Do you remember? Isn’t today the exchange day?”

Li Yundong smiled and said, “Whoever wants to go, let them go. I will pass! Besides, it’s not me who didn’t want to go. Someone stopped me, remember?”

Su Chan did not speak, lowering her head, and gently walked with care.

Seeing her worried face, Li Yundong became sorry and wished to immediately smooth out the sadness between the little girl’s eyebrows.

He reached out and held Su Chan’s chin to lift it up. He deliberately revealed a naughty smile and said, “Hey girl. What are you worrying about? Come on. Smile!”

Then before Su Chan could react, he made a sad face. “Don’t want to laugh? Should I laugh for you?”

Then he pointed at his dimples with his hands and grinned like a five or six year old.

Su Chan, after all, was a little girl. Seeing this, she suddenly laughed out and said with a beautiful smile, “Master, your face looks so ugly!”

Li Yundong said with a fake angry face, “I’m ugly? You gave me a beautiful smile!”

Su Chan smiled, and her beautiful face looked so charming. When Li Yundong saw her peach eyes that turned into the crescent moon, he felt touched and his heart beat crazily.

Li Yundong secretly sighed. It was no wonder that in the ancient times, King You of Zhou tricked the marquess with beacon fires for Bao Si’s smile—a famous beauty in ancient China. There were few men who could keep their head clear in front of such a smile.

“Well, good smile. I’m happy now, so…” Li Yundong had forgotten his unhappiness upon seeing her smile, so he waved his hand and said, “Let’s go out and have fun.”

As soon as the little girl heard this, she almost laughed off her head. She quickly grabbed Li Yundong’s arm, as if she was afraid that Li Yundong would leave her behind to play alone. “Where? Where shall we go?”

Li Yundong smiled and said, “I promised to take you to the amusement park last time. Let’s go to the amusement park!”

Su Chan felt both happy and puzzled. “Good, good! But what is an amusement park?”

Li Yundong smiled. “Why are you so happy if you don’t know what an amusement park is? Stupid!”

Su Chan pouted her mouth. “Don’t call me stupid. I am not stupid!”

Li Yundong laughed. Since she wore her hair in a bun today, he couldn’t rub her head. Li Yundong reached out and squeezed her cheeks on both sides of her face. “You are not stupid. You are just a fool!”

Su Chan patted Li Yundong’s hands and said, “Hey!” After a while, she suddenly remembered something and asked, “Does fool have a bad meaning?”

Li Yundong smiled and said, “Nonsense! I mean you are cute! You can’t learn how to swear.”

Su Chan stuck out her tongue. “Well, if you don’t want me to learn it, I won’t say it.”

While speaking, they stopped a taxi and went straight to the amusement park in Tiannan City.

It was already at the end of May and approached Children’s Day. The amusement park in Tiannan City was full of brightly colored balls and the lights.

Before she entered the gates, Su Chan had been attracted by the lively scene in front of her. She looked around curiously and wanted to visit every shop while holding Li Yundong’s hand.

Li Yundong grabbed the little girl and said, “Well, we will come and eat later. If I am full now, I may puke!”

Su Chan asked inexplicably, “Why will you puke?”

Li Yundong said with a bad smile, “You will know soon!”

Since it was not Children’s Day, there were not many people in the amusement park. Li Yundong only waited for a while before he bought two tickets, and then took Su Chan into the park.

After entering the park, Li Yundong took Su Chan straight to the highest and most conspicuous “space shuttle” in the park.

Although there were not many people in the amusement park, the space shuttle was the main attraction. There were still many people here. They waited for half an hour before their turn.

They sat on the space shuttle. Li Yundong hugged the safety rails in front of his chest and smirked at Su Chan. “If you are afraid, you can shout!”

Su Chan was sitting in the seat and the safety handrail that was buckled down pressed against her plump chest. The people around her looked at her as if they were expecting this girl’s performance.

Su Chan blinked, “Why do I have to shout?”

Li Yundong giggled and said, “Because you will be afraid! You didn’t hear other people yelling just now?”

Su Chan nodded and said inwardly, “These people were yelling while going up and down because they were afraid! How weak!”

After Su Chan’s face not change, Li Yundong secretly snickered in his heart. “Hey, I will see if you will be scared later!”

Li Yundong had played space shuttle before and knew how exciting it was. Ordinary men could not stand it, let alone a little girl like Su Chan.

After they listened to announcer’s speech who was in the control room, the space shuttle suddenly moved. The four rows of people in the front, rear, left and right were sent to the height of tens of meters in two or three seconds, and then fell quickly.

The sudden rise and then weightlessness let Li Yundong feel like his heart had jumped up to his throat and was about to come out.

Although he had refined Qi, unless he could complete the eighth ranked “Golden Body”, no matter how he cultivated, he could not break through the restrictions of the human body.

What people could feel would be honestly reflected on the human’s body, even though he was a great practitioner. They could not resist the desire no matter how strong they were.

When the space shuttle fell crazily, these tourists were stunned and screaming like dying pigs.

Even Li Yundong couldn’t help screaming out.

After it completely stopped, Li Yundong, who was satisfied, looked at Su Chan, who was stunned while sitting in the seat. Li Yundong secretly snickered, “She is scared!”

Li Yundong reached out and waved in front of her. “Hey? Wake up. It is over!”

Su Chan said, “What? It’s over?”

Her calm look made Li Yundong almost fall out of his seat. “What do you mean? Haven’t you been satisfied?”

Su Chan said, “I haven’t reacted yet!”

Li Yundong was depressed. “What a slow reaction!”

He was looking forward to hugging the little girl when she was afraid, but she was just fine!

“No, no!”

Li Yundong was very reluctant and asked, “Would you like to go again?”

Su Chan had already left the seat. She thought for a while and walked back over to the seat and said, “Okay!”

Li Yundong quickly grabbed her and said, “Wait. Go to the back of the line first!”

They lined up again. Li Yundong was bent on making the little girl cry, and he told her how to enjoy the ride ceaselessly.

But after another round, Su Chan was still stunned as if she had not known why this ride was stimulating!

Li Yundong was so depressed that he wanted to vomit blood. He didn’t give up. He took Su Chan for another round. Fortunately, this time Su Chan began feeling a little bit. When she came down, she took Li Yundong’s hand and kept saying, “Hurry up. Come on, I want to go one more time!”

Li Yundong faintly felt that there was something wrong, but he did not think much. He secretly murmured, “How could I, a big man, be weaker than a little girl? Impossible, absolutely impossible!”

“Well, girl, I will accompany you until I am dead!” Li Yundong slapped his chest and made a decision that he would regret for the rest of his life.

Su Chan had never rode this kind of ride. She used to hold the Lingtai and Dantian to protect her body. Naturally, it was impossible for her to feel any stimulation when she fell.

After playing with it a few times and letting go of her Lingtai. She no longer stabilized her internal organs with her Qi. Suddenly, the strong weightlessness made Su Chan feel more and more excited.

At this time, Li Yundong was embarrassed.

Su Chan took Li Yundong to ride the space shuttle seven times. Li Yundong felt that his stomach had gone up to his throat and he would spit it out at any time.

“Hey, you are amazing!” Li Yundong forcibly pressed down the air in his chest and his face slightly paled. “You are not afraid at all?”

Su Chan had already been able to fly, so how could she be afraid of this? She blinked and said, “Why would I be afraid?”

Li Yundong didn’t know the background of the little girl, but he was very reluctant. He ground his teeth and said, “Okay, you won! I can’t believe you are not afraid of the ride!”

Then he took Su Chan’s hand and went straight to the roller coaster.

Since the roller coaster was far from the park’s gates, there were fewer people who were lined up than the space shuttle. Li Yundong and Su Chan sat on the roller coaster as soon as they arrived.

After Li Yundong buckled his seat belt, he said to Su Chan with a fierce look, “Don’t cry later!”

Su Chan made a face at him and said, “Let’s see. You don’t cry either!”

As the roller coaster moved, Li Yundong felt that his breath began to struggle, and his temples suddenly jumped, especially when they were climbing up. Li Yundong felt that his own breath was involuntarily going to his brain, making him more nervous.

Seeing this, Su Chan, who was next to him, laughed and said, “Master, are you nervous?”

Hearing this, Li Yundong was enraged. He forced himself to calm down and patted his chest. As he was about to talk, the roller coaster fell like a stone falling down a cliff.

Suddenly, Li Yundong made a fierce cry while Su Chan laughed and swayed.

Getting off the roller coaster, Li Yundong finally steadied himself after taking a few steps. He only felt that his legs were soft like stepping on the clouds. He patted his chest and laughed at himself, “The retribution comes on time…”

Su Chan, who jumped off the roller coaster, felt that it was more exciting than the space shuttle. She pulled Li Yundong excitedly and screamed, “Master, play with me again! I want more, I want more!”

Li Yundong’s face paled, but he had to flaunt his superiority, so he took a strong breath and said, “Well, as long as you want, I will give you more!”

The conversation was very unhealthy and fascinating. The male tourists next to him listened and laughed while the female tourists turned around, smirking.

Three rounds later, Li Yundong covered his mouth, vomiting with a pale face, and walked like a drunken man. However, Su Chan was still alive and spirited.

She pulled Li Yundong and begged him, “Play with me one more time, just one more time!”

Li Yundong fell down on the ground and shook his head. “You said that last time. No! No! No!”

She pushed Li Yundong. “Please, I still want to play!”

Li Yundong suddenly remembered a very old joke: what men loved to listen to was ‘I want!’; what men were afraid of listening to was ‘I want more’!

They were so right!

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