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Raising a Fox Spirit in My Home Chapter 50

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Chapter 50: There Must Be a Cause

“Where are you going?” After laughing for a while, Cheng Cheng asked curiously.

Feng Na said, “We are going to see Zhao Yujian. Do you want to come?”

Cheng Cheng said with a smile, “Sure. I’ll go anywhere but school!”

Feng Na held her arm happily. “Well, let’s go!”

Li Yundong laughed. “Go, go, go!”

While laughing, they walked toward the road beside the school. Su Chan pulled Li Yundong’s sleeves and asked, “Yundong, what are you laughing at?”

Li Yundong asked back, “You didn’t understand?”

Su Chan shook her head. Li Yundong said, “You don’t understand English, do you?”

Su Chan shook her head again. “No, I don’t.”

When Feng Na, who was walking in front, heard this, she couldn’t help feeling a sense of superiority. She smiled and said, “Isn’t it impossible that you can’t even understand simple English?”

Su Chan asked back, “Why do I have to understand English?”

Upon hearing this, the three college students looked at each other. After a while, Cheng Cheng gave a thumbs up to Su Chan and said, “You are right! I don’t expect that you not only have a good looking face, but also a wise brain. What a beautiful and smart woman!”

Although Feng Na envied Su Chan, she was not a stingy woman. She also laughed and gave Cheng Cheng a hit. “You are too obsequious!”

The four people laughed while walking to the People’s First Hospital where Zhao Yujian was hospitalized. After Li Yundong took out money from the bank, Feng Na bought the flowers, Cheng Cheng bought the fruit, and Su Chan took a bag of health products that Li Yundong bought in the city, they went to the ward.

Zhao Yujian’s family was so well-off that he lived in a single VIP ward. There were less people in the corridor than the ordinary wards, and there was no strong smell of disinfectant.

After just walking to the door of the ward, Li Yundong suddenly heard Zhao Yujian pleading in the ward, “Zhou Qin, don’t be so heartless. I really like you. I believe we have a lot in common. By the way, don’t you like taekwondo? I have a trophy that I got in city level competition. I can give it to you, okay?”

A woman’s voice sounded in the ward. She was also pleading. “Zhou Qin, our Yujian has suffered a lot these days. He couldn’t stop thinking of you. Can you be compassionate for the sake of him being in such a poor state? You…”

Another girl interrupted her before she finished speaking which sounded very familiar to Li Yundong. It was Ding Nan’s voice. “Auntie, do you think that love can be forced? Would you love someone just because you sympathize him? If that’s the case then beggars should be the happiest people in the world.”

Ding Nan sounded as mean as ever, and even Li Yundong, who was outside the door, couldn’t help, but frown.

Zhao Yujian’s mother was obviously stimulated by Ding Nan’s words, but she seemed to be afraid of someone and couldn’t talk back. She just said in a low voice, “Zhou Qin, I didn’t mean that. I am saying…”

Ding Nan interrupted her bluntly and said, “What do you mean? Don’t you want Zhou Qin to take care of Zhao Yujian as his girlfriend during this period? Please, how old is he? Don’t be so naive!”

Even Feng Na and Cheng Cheng outside the door could not stand her and became angry.

“This woman will suffer from her meanness one day!” Feng Na frowned and whispered.

Cheng Cheng also nodded and said, “I’ve heard that Ding Nan was very rude, but I didn’t expect that she could be so mean! She is outrageous!”

Zhou Qin spoke at this time, “Ding Nan, stop. Don’t say any more. Auntie, Zhao Yujian needs more rest, so we will go.”

Zhou Qin then walked out of the ward without any hesitation.

When she walked to the door, she was surprised to see Feng Na and others standing at the door. Zhou Qin slightly frowned. Obviously, she was unhappy about being heard by them. However, when Zhou Qin saw Li Yundong, her eyes suddenly lit up and stopped glaring anymore.

Ding Nan followed Zhou Qin out of the ward. She also felt pleasant as she saw Li Yundong. However, when she saw Feng Na and Su Chan, her face darkened. “Hey, were you listening in on our conversation?”

Feng Na was not a pusillanimous person either. Although she was smiling, she talked back straightly, “Was there anything worth listening to?”

Ding Nan could hold her own in any argument. Her face changed and was about to speak when Zhou Qin stopped her. “Nan Nan, let’s go. Let them enter the room.”

Then, she left with Ding Nan.

Looking at their figures, Cheng Cheng shook her head and said, “These two people are bizarre. One is indifferent and as deep an abyss, and the other is as mean as a knife.”

Li Yundong smiled and said, “Forget them. Let’s go in.”

Upon entering the door, Li Yundong saw Zhao Yujian’s mother feeding Zhao Yujian some porridge. She said, “Yujian, don’t care for that kind of woman. You still have me. I will find you a better girl than her. Why do you like her so much? She is not that good except for a powerful father.”

The way she talked sounded like she was talking to a new baby, judging by which, everyone could tell that she must have spoiled her son.

Zhao Yujian turned around impatiently, “Take it away. I don’t want to eat right now. I want Zhou Qin. I like her! You can go away. Don’t bother me!”

Zhao Yujian’s mother was not angry. She put down the bowl and stroked her boy’s chest. “Fine. I’ll stop. What’s wrong with you? Let me help you.”

Feng Na and Cheng Cheng stood at the door and looked at each other. They had never seen such a big man being served by his mother like this. Even fragile girls like them had not experienced such treatment.

For a time, the people at the door were all embarrassed and speechless.

Zhao Yujian’s mother saw them, smiled, and welcomed them, “Are you visiting Yujian? Well, you are welcome to join us.”

Then she took over the fruit and flower baskets from Feng Na and Cheng Cheng’s hands, and then said to Su Chan, “You can put them in the cabinet.”

However, before she finished speaking, Zhao Yujian suddenly pointed at Li Yundong with excitement and said, “What are you doing here? Did you come to laugh at me? Haven’t you been satisfied in hurting me like this?”

Zhao Yujian’s mother was stunned upon hearing this, but she quickly responded. She pointed at Li Yundong and said in anger, “Was it you who hurt Yujian? How dare you come here! I will kill you!”

Li Yundong frowned and blocked the woman with his arm. He had refined Qi and had greater power than a mortal. Although he didn’t exert too much strength, the gold pill power had pushed Zhao Yujian’s mother away.

Zhao Yujian’s mother was pushed down on the floor and suddenly cried out, “Help! This little bastard hurt my son and wants to kill me this time.”

Li Yundong and Feng Na looked at each other. They didn’t expect that Zhao Yujian actually had such a mother and for a time, they didn’t know how to react.

Feng Na said with patience, “Auntie, we are coming to visit Zhao Yujian. Li Yundong hurt Zhao Yujian by accident. He didn’t mean to…”

Before she finished her words, Zhao Yujian’s mother wiped the snot and tears off her face and pointed at Feng Na, yelling, “You bi*ch! Who are you? Why do you help him? Are you his lover? I have seen so many women like you. In my opinion, you hit Yujian just because you envied him. What a violent person! Am I correct?”

Feng Na was stunned upon hearing this. She blushed and talked back, “Auntie, it’s not like that!”

When Li Yundong became aware that this woman was unreasonable, he pulled Feng Na over and said, “Auntie, I’m sorry for what happened to Zhao Yujian. He provoked me and I had to fight back. Many people can testify including Feng Na.”

Zhao Yujian’s mother jumped up and screamed, “You are lying. The thief cries thief. My Yujian has been a good boy since childhood and he couldn’t do what you said. Who can testify? Her? Of course she would defend you since she is with you.”

Li Yundong couldn’t stand her and had bent out of shape. He said with anger, “Auntie, no matter what, Zhao Yujian’s calf fractured. I have to apologize. How much are the medical expenses? I will pay…”

Zhao Yujian’s mother spat on the ground and interrupted him. “What? Do you want to pay? Can you afford it? My son’s hair is worth more than you have, let alone the medical bill. Get out. We don’t need your money. Out! Save your money for your coffin!”

Feng Na and the others were astonished. They didn’t expect that such a kind mother could turn so rude. She was a totally different person from the one who was here when Zhou Qin was at the scene.

At this time, Zhou Qin suddenly appeared again at the door.

Zhao Yujian’s mother, who was still screaming, suddenly stopped and turned kind. She said quietly, “Zhou Qin, why are you back?”

Zhao Yujian, leaning against the hospital bed, had been staring at Li Yundong with a disgusted look. He was down in the dumps and confused. He didn’t know why all the girls were interested in Li Yundong, including Zhou Qin, who was the one he liked.

But when Zhou Qin appeared again at the door, Zhao Yujian was reinvigorated and sat up straight. He couldn’t help crying out, “Zhou Qin, you are…”

Zhou Qin did not look at him, but said to Li Yundong, “Can I speak to you privately?” She nodded at Feng Na and Cheng Cheng.

Li Yundong was a bit stunned. Zhou Qin was helping him get out of this damned place.

Li Yundong quickly gave Su Chan a look and followed Zhou Qin in leaving the ward.

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