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Raising a Fox Spirit in My Home Chapter 49

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Chapter 49 A Warm Welcome!

Li Yundong blinked and answered, “Class leader? Is there something wrong?”

Sun Li said in anger, “Do you think I want to call you? If it wasn’t for the city leaders’ inspection, I would never make the phone call!”

Li Yundong made a yawn. “The city leaders? Do they have that much free time? Why are they coming to our school?”

Sun Li said, “There are two days before exchange day. The city leaders are coming to inspect our progress. You must hurry back. They will do a roll call soon. If you don’t come, you will lose all credits for the course. If you feel okay with that, then don’t come.”

“Really? So heartless?” Li Yundong bounced off the bed. “I will come right away!”

Then Li Yundong hung up the phone and rushed out of the bedroom when he saw Su Chan coming out of her bedroom. She asked him with sleepy eyes, “What happened?”

“I’m going to school!” Li Yundong said and went into the bathroom. Su Chan followed him and shouted, “Take me with you!”

Li Yundong smiled and said, “You should stay at home. Today, the city leaders inspect our work and it is boring. What are you going to do?”

Su Chan held Li Yundong’s neck and said, “No. You promised not to leave me!”

Li Yundong blew his breath at Su Chan and smirked. “I haven’t brushed my teeth yet. My breath is stinky!”

Su Chan yelled and turned to the door of the bathroom with her nose covered. She said, “You are right, it is too stinky. Anyway, I will go with you!”

Li Yundong pointed at another bathroom next to Su Chan’s bedroom. “Then go wash your face and hands and change clothes. We will go in ten minutes.”

Su Chan, even without makeup, looked beautiful. After brushing her teeth and washing her face, she combed her hair, and then she looked particularly attractive.

Looking at the little girl with waterdrops on her face, Li Yundong felt that the morning sun shining on her swan-like white and slender neck turned her into a jade girl carved in white marble. She was so very pure and charming.

They left the apartment and took a taxi to the school.

They arrived at Tiannan University and got out of the car. Li Yundong found a banner “Welcome city leaders in visiting our school for inspection and guidance” hanging over the school gates.

Li Yundong curled his mouth and shook his head. He sneered, “Typical official language!”

After paying for the taxi, Li Yundong ran to the classroom with a little girl. Before they arrived at the teaching building, Li Yundong found a lot of people gathering in front. Most of them were girls who were wearing school uniforms and light makeup. They were quickly talking to each other.

Sun Li saw Li Yundong and quickly stepped forward. She said in a low voice, “You’ve finally come.”

Li Yundong pointed at the crowd and asked, “What are they doing?”

Sun Li said with an unpleasant look, “Don’t mention it. I don’t know whose idea it is. They asked us to dress up as ceremonial usherettes to welcome the leaders.”

Li Yundong laughed and said, “What a genius!”

Sun Li rolled her eyes and said, “Don’t laugh! Be careful as there will retribution!”

Li Yundong smirked, “Anyway, they can’t make me a ceremonial usherette.”

Sun Li shook her head. “You are selfish! I am leaving, and I have a lot of work to do. Please be quiet today. If something goes wrong, no one can protect you.”

Li Yundong sighed. “I don’t want to make trouble. A cool man like me will bring trouble everywhere!”

Sun Li snorted and laughed. “How brazen!”

After Sun Li left, Feng Na came over. She glanced at Li Yundong and ran over with a surprised look. “You are here too? I have been looking for you for a long time.”

Li Yundong smiled and asked, “Why are you looking for me?”

This round-faced beauty sighed and said, “I want you to visit Zhao Yujian.”

Li Yundong was stunned. He finally remembered that he hurt Zhao Yujian. He sighed inside, “Ouch, I actually forgot this guy!”

“You want me to go and see him?” Li Yundong asked.

Feng Na said, “Yeah, although he started it, you hurt him after all. You should go see him. We will donate some money to help cover his visit. What do you think?”

Li Yundong thought for a moment and promised her very simply, “Well, how much do I have to pay?”

Feng Na was surprised and happy. “Do you agree?”

Li Yundong smiled. “Why don’t I agree? Do I look like an undreasonable person? Zhao Yujian first provoked me. This is a fact. I hurt him. This is also a fact. Everyone has to pay for what they have done, right?”

Feng Na appreciatively looked at Li Yundong, and couldn’t help respecting this good boy. She smiled and said, “I looked down upon you. I had prepared a lot of words to convince you.”

Li Yundong waved his hand. “When shall we go? How much do I have pay?”

Feng Na said, “Since you agree, shall we go now? As for how much, that is your decision. You are the main donator!” Then Feng Na blinked at Li Yundong, and laughed while gloating.

Li Yundong touched the bank card in his pocket with a bitter smile and sighed with a deep breath. “Alas, money! Money! Money is never enough!”

Li Yundong said to Feng Na, “By the way, the city leaders are coming, aren’t they? Why didn’t they ask you to welcome our guests?”

Feng Na put one of her fingers to her mouth. “Hush. Be quiet. I just escaped! What an idiotic decision! I heard that they also asked us to welcome those Americans the day after tomorrow. In short skirts at the airport no less!”

Li Yundong said with a surprised look, “Are they serious? Is it necessary to act like we are welcoming the President of the United States of America?”

Feng Na showed a disgusted looked. “Yes. It should be a very good thing, but how can I just be so obedient?”

Li Yundong smiled and was about to speak when he heard a voice coming from the side. “Hey, what are you two girls doing here? Why are you not wearing the school uniform? We still need two more girls!”

They turned around and saw a middle-aged teacher shouting at them.

Li Yundong sighed. “Ok, we can’t go anywhere now!”

Feng Na complained, “It’s all your fault. Are you satisfied? I am caught.”

The middle-aged teacher went to Li Yundong and glanced at Su Chan next to him. He suddenly widened his eyes and almost drooled. He was shocked. “Since when do we have such a beautiful female student in our school? How could I not know about her?”

Feng Na, who was on his side, was too dissatisfied with the teacher whose gaze seemed to try to take off Su Chan’s clothes. She coughed and said, “Mr. Liu, we have some things to do.”

Teacher Liu came back to his senses, and coughed with a confident look. “You can go if you have something to do, but this girl should stay. We need a girl to present a bouquet to the leaders and foreign friends. The girl is up to the standard.”

Li Yundong said bluntly, “We will pass. Teacher Liu, she is not a student of our school. She is my girlfriend.”

Teacher Liu was stunned, disappointed, and annoyed. “She is not a student of our school? Then why is she here?”

Li Yundong couldn’t stand the hypocrisy of the teacher. He sneered and said, “Since when has Tiannan University became a closed university and didn’t allow outsiders to come and go?”

Teacher Liu angrily said, “How dare you talk to a teacher like that! Who are you?”

Li Yundong sneered. “Chinese language sophomore Li Yundong. What? Do you want to expel me because I talked back? You are not the first teacher who wants to do this!”

Teacher Liu was enraged and almost jumped up. “Good, good!”

Li Yundong snorted, “What is good? If you have nothing else to say, I will leave first.” He said and waved at Feng Na. “Hey, will you go with us?”

Feng Na opened her eyes widely. She didn’t expect that Li Yundong dared to go against a teacher.

“You are too audacious!” Feng Na followed Li Yundong a while and looked back at Teacher Liu, who was still murmuring. She said, “It was so impressive to watch you go against him. You are my idol!”

Li Yundong sneered, “I was already too kind for not beating him up for the way he was looking at Su Chan. He is unworthy of being a teacher!”

Su Chan, who was next to him, asked, “Would you like me to kick his eggs?”

Li Yundong and Feng Na both felt cold at the same time. Li Yundong quickly stopped her and said, “Stop it!”

Su Chan held Li Yundong’s hand and said, “I want to help you vent this anger!”

Li Yundong smiled bitterly. “If you do that, I will have to pay for it!” Then he pinched her nose with his hand.

Feng Na looked at Su Chan and Li Yundong. For some obscure reason, she suddenly felt upset. She said bitterly, “You have a really good relationship!”

Li Yundong smiled modestly. “It’s alright.”

“Na Na!” Suddenly they heard a voice coming behind them. Feng Na turned around and saw her best friend, Cheng Cheng.

“Cheng Cheng, have you slipped out as well?” Feng Na was both shocked and happy. She cheered while holding Cheng Cheng’s hand.

Cheng Cheng patted her plump breast and said, “How could I not slip out? The silly folks actually asked us to sing some salutatory slogan!”

Li Yundong and Feng Na laughed at the same time.

Li Yundong laughed his head off. He raised a thumb and said, “Whose idea was it? They are very talented in mixing both Chinese and western cultures.”

Feng Na smiled while shaking her head. “Shall we sing ‘Good Good Study, Day Day Up’ ?”

Then, they burst into laughter again.

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