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Raising a Fox Spirit in My Home Chapter 34

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Chapter 34 Body Plank Boulder Break

Li Yundong’s partner was a senior in the P.E. department. He was extremely powerful and was second only to Zeng Qing and Zhao Yujian in the Taekwondo club.

Judging from this guy’s expression, Li Yundong could easily detect dislike and hostility. Obviously, this guy didn’t want to partner with Li Yundong at all.

However, Li Yundong’s previous performance in the Taekwondo Club forced this guy into it. Moreover, for the reputation of Taekwondo Club, he had to gather himself and continue the spar.

Although he hadn’t taken any serious Taekwondo class before, Li Yundong had a Human Origin Gold Pill inside his body. It was like Zhang Wuji had acquired the Nine Yang Divine Skill and Heaven and Earth Great Shift and, in that way, he would find no difficulty in any kung fu of the world and perform them freely. Even if the strength and skill required by different kung fu varied, the power and momentum he revealed were hard to find fault with in common peoples’ eyes.

Li Yundong and the senior bowed to each other and then got ready to fight.

The spar strictly followed the patterns of a predetermined routine. When the audience down the stage cheered, neither of them had actually touched the other.

However, Li Yundong had shown his power in his moves; especially when he struck with his fist as it would swoosh through the air. At the same time, his senior partner was rather worried that he might get punched in the face and end up in the hospital just like Zhao Yujian!

Damn, this guy is a monster!” The senior cursed in his heart. “Well, he acted like a Taekwondo newbie a few days ago, and now he’s doing it even better than the coach!”

There was an old saying that went: You could tell a master from his first move.

That was what Li Yundong was doing. His power and momentum in his moves could not be faked; students and teachers who came to watch the dress rehearsal all nodded unanimously.

The girls’ eyes all lit up; some even turned to glance at Su Chan with regret and jealousy. They were all blaming themselves for not having recognized a diamond in the rough like Li Yundong. In the end, it was this little fox girl who got the goodies.

Zhuang Hui also watched the spar from a distance. She saw Li Yundong and the senior. Every time Li Yundong shouted with his moves, she would be startled by his masculine and thunderous voice.

At this time, Zhuang Hui could not help but turn to look at her partner who she used to admire and was filled with regret. “Why does my partner look unbearably like sissy right now? It’s always been that worse goods get tossed away and inferior men would rather die! Why did I say something so harsh? Now if Feng Na has ever said something against me, I’ll never get a shot with him!”

Nevertheless, Zhuang Hui was a girl with pride. “Well, whatever, no big deal. I can find many other cute guys later!”

Although her mind told her not to worry, her heart could not agree. At that moment, her eyes even became moist.

After they finished the spar, people burst into a round of applause.

After the warm up, Li Yundong felt his meridians had been stretched and looked more spirited and energetic. The senior partner, however, was now swaying and panting heavily.

“Well, I guess you really can’t judge a man by his looks…” Ding Nan shook her head, murmuring, “I didn’t expect that he would actually be an expert!”

Zhou Qin held back her curiosity and shock after the spar. Finally, she just lightly said, “Let’s go.”

Ding Nan tried to stop her. “Wait, there is another show.”

As she finished, the hostess holding a microphone went to the center of the stage. She applauded while smiling at Li Yundong. “That was really good! You must be an expert!”

Li Yundong shook his head. “No.”

The hostess shot him a strange look and thought he must be modest. Then, she smiled it away and read her card. However, her expression suddenly turned weird. “Up next, Li Yundong will put on a very unique and very traditional show.”

Li Yundong was confused so he turned his head toward Feng Na and asked, “There’s another one?”

Feng Na was feeling a little guilty. However, considering that she had lost face in front of him, she ground her teeth and continued arbitrarily. “Of course, the people want more!”

Li Yundong thought for a while and said to himself. “Yes, that’s true. On the TV shows I’ve watched people often chop bricks and kick boards or something.”

Bearing that in mind, Li Yundong also felt he was full of energy that he could never use up. He wanted to know that if he could chop brick and how many he could do, so he just recklessly agreed. “Alright, let’s do this. Let’s see who you call daddy!”

The hostess beside him looked more amused. She shot a respectful and funny look at Li Yundong. “Well, make some noise for Li Yundong as he puts on a traditional show for us: body plank boulder break!”

As soon as the hostess finished, Su Chan choked on the milk tea she was drinking and the tea directly spurted out of her nose.

Li Yundong was stretching his legs to get prepared and flopped to the ground upon hearing this. While looking extremely awkward, he had to shout to the hostess. “What? Can you say that again?”

Down below the stage, all the students and teachers gawked, but soon burst into laughter.

The depressed Zhuang Hui could not help but snicker as well as she wiped her tears off. Zhou Qin, who was leaving, felt the corners of her lips twitch. She covered her mouth and tried to refrain from laughing, but her back was slightly going up and down.

Li Yundong looked to the hostess. “Are you sure you read it right?”

The hostess blinked and said with an innocent face. “Yes, I am. You can read it yourself!”

Li Yundong took the card and saw the final show: Li Yundong Special—Body Plank Boulder Break!

“It must be a mistake!” Li Yundong awkwardly turned to Feng Na, only to see the senior sister and Cheng Cheng laughing their heads off.

Li Yundong then understood what was going on. “Ah hell, I’ve been tricked. Not bad, you’ve got guts!”

Li Yundong took the card over to Feng Na, waved it in front of her face, and snapped at her. “What are you really trying to do here?”

Feng Na tried hard not to laugh, stuck out her chest, and said, “What? Isn’t that what you promised?”

Li Yundong was dazed and said, “What have I promised?”

Feng Na retorted. “I asked about the show you’re going to perform and you said body plank boulder break!”

Upon finishing her words, she turned to Cheng Cheng. “Don’t you remember him saying that?”

Cheng Cheng rubbed her stomach and was trying hard not to laugh. She dared not to look at Yundong’s face at all lest she start laughing again at the sight of his funny expression. “Yes, I can attest to that!”

Li Yundong was so furious that he felt like he had died over and over again!

“Is she trying to make a fool of me?”

“Excuse me, what do you think I am? A moron?” Li Yundong snapped. “What decade are we living in? Do people still put on a show like that at all?”

The audience, who were simply watching in amusement, burst into laughter again after hearing his words.

Feng Na regained her composure and looked serious. “Well, don’t forget our deal! I helped you handle your problems, and now it’s time for you to handle mine!”

Li Yundong was furious. “But you can’t do this to me!”

Feng Na remained grave and continued, “What have I done? Don’t you know that body plank boulder break is a revered and traditional skill of our country? I think this authentic and patriotic show is the best one to perform when we hold the seminar with the University of Pennsylvania!”

Li Yundong’s cheek twitched and he cursed in his heart. When he looked back at Su Chan for help, he only saw the little girl bent over laughing with both of her arms around her stomach. She soon had to rub her jaws as they had become sore from laughing.

“This ungrateful kid!” Li Yundong swore in his heart.

“OK, let’s go!” Li Yundong gathered himself and began to act like a warrior going to a battlefield that might never return from. However, his next statement immediately revealed his fear. “Well, I didn’t say that I’d be the one to hold the rock.”

Seeing Li Yundong trying to get weasel his way out of this, Feng Na directly stated. “Alright, I’ll be the one to hold the hammer. Rock or hammer, you can choose to be one of them!”

The audience was afraid that the unruly students would almost die of laughter while Yundong Li only felt depressed and wanted to vomit blood. He began to regret that he had treated the big sister in the classroom a little harshly. “Damn, who was it that said that it’s hard to deal with women and villains?  Is he a classmate of Confucius? The great Confucius, I worship you! What you said is absolutely right!

You shouldn’t mess up with women, especially hot ones!

Li Yundong had learned a valuable lesson from this experience. He decided to surrender. “Fine, you win. You can place the rock on my chest!”

Feng Na looked proud of herself. “Now we’re talking!”

Li Yundong gathered himself and shouted. “Bring the hammer, I don’t believe that you have actually prepared a hammer!”

Feng Na chuckled and said to Cheng Cheng, “Go get the hammer!”

Rubbing her stomach with one hand and her jaw another, Cheng Cheng hurried backstage and returned with a big hammer that was clanging against the floor as she moved.

The audience burst into laughter once again at the sight of Cheng Cheng with the iron hammer.

Below the stage, Zhou Qin had been refraining from laughing, but now, she could not hold back anymore as snickers escaped from the corner of her lips. Additionally, Ding Nan, who was beside her, was already laughing hysterically as she sometimes thumped on the seat, and let out some whistles by putting her fingers near her mouth.

Li Yundong gawked at the hammer Cheng Cheng had fetched and burst into curses. “For crying out loud, where did you steal that hammer? You can actually get such a big hammer somewhere?”

Feng Na laughed so hard that she had to squat down to steady herself. “Nonsense, I went to the hardware store for it!”

Li Yundong put his thumb up. “Nice! Very nice! Great! Then what about the rock? I don’t even think you can even buy that!”

Feng Na tried hard to collect herself and snapped her fingers at Cheng Cheng. “Why should I buy it? They can be found everywhere. I can just pick it up from the ground!”

Li Yundong doubted her statement. “Where can she pick up such a large, flat rock? In any case, this wicked girl is apparently prepared for this. What if she really takes out a rock now? Can I actually withstand it?”

Thinking of that, Li Yundong could not help but smile apologetically to Feng Na. “Senior sister, I think since we’ll see each other every day in the future, I don’t think you should make things too difficult for us. If the rock is too large or heavy, I might not be able to withstand it!”

Feng Na put on a solemn face that looked like she was going to save all the creatures on earth now. “Don’t worry, I’ve prepared a small-sized one especially for you!”

As soon as Feng Na finished, Cheng Cheng again returned from backstage. All of the people fixed their eyes on her hands, but only to find them empty. Just when they were trying to figure out where the rock was, they saw Cheng Cheng run in front of Li Yundong. She tried hard not to laugh and tossed something into his palm, saying, “Look, here’s the rock!”

Li Yundong extended his palm to take it and then suddenly wanted to vomit three liters of blood. He extended his hand to show the rock and announced out loud. “Good Lord, if you expect me to use this then you can forget it. You could have at least found me a proper rock! It’s fine if you couldn’t find a real rock as you could at least get a manhole cover! I’d even be satisfied with a brick if you can’t even do that! Now, you’re telling me you’ve only got a tiny pebble! What do you want from me!”

After hearing this, everyone in the auditorium, teachers and students alike, all laughed their heads off. Even Zhou Qin, who had been refraining hard from laughing out loud, couldn’t hold it in anymore and laughed at the top of her lungs.

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