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Life With You-Chapter 9 Taking the Initiative to Negotiate

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Chapter 9 Taking the Initiative to Negotiate

Qiao Zhisheng bent down to sit in the back seat of the luxury car. Song Xi followed him. After closing the car door, the bodyguard took the hint and went away.

There were only two of them in the car. Qiao Zhisheng kept silent and raised his left hand, pointedly looking at his watch. Song Xi immediately understood and began to speak. “I know you are prejudiced against us because of my father’s unfriendly behavior.”

Qiao Zhisheng turned his head sideways and looked at her with doubt very apparent in his eyes.

Her scalp tingled, but Song Xi had to gather her composure and keep talking. “I do not want to argue about anything. Actually, I understand you. I can accept the way you treat me.”

She secretly looked at Qiao Zhisheng’s face while speaking. She could not see through him, so she could only proceed cautiously. Tentatively, she said, “I came to see you today to tell you that although my father entrusted me to you forcibly, I do not want to be your burden. We don’t need to confront each other with daggers. If you need any help, I can be your cooperative partner. If you’re willing, we can even become friends.”

There was a flash of surprise in Qiao Zhisheng’s eyes. What she said had really confounded him.

After several seconds of silence, he indifferently and languidly asked with a touch of irony, “How could you possibly cooperate with me?”

Before he spoke, Song Xi had been nervous. She was not afraid of him having questions but was instead afraid of him not asking anything.

With her back straight, she answered. “Connections. My father was an official of Ye City for 20 years.  Just call out an official’s name and I can find a way to get you in touch with him. Moreover, I can definitely get him on your side.”

The corners of Qiao Zhisheng’s mouth twitched up, as he gave a friendly warning. “Miss Song, your father has been caught.”

Song Xi silently clenched her hands which were close to the car door. She kept her countenance and smiled faintly as she answered. “I know the superficiality of human relationships. However, I also know that they valued me before not because of myself but because of my father so that the moment something happened to my father, they hid faster than anyone else. It’s an age where people are judged according to their power. As long as the force behind me is strong enough, they will meet me with a smile and treat me like half a daughter. As long as they think I’m close enough to you, I can save a lot of trouble for you when I hook you up with them.”

She added, “Of course, this is mutually beneficial. I need your protection.”

When it was all said and done, Song Xi felt empty and exhausted. In front of Qiao Zhisheng, she had to pretend to have a well-thought-out plan.

“It’s been three minutes.”

Qiao Zhisheng finally spoke but only said such words.

Song Xi did not know if he had heard anything she said, but she understood what he was implying: time is up. She should get off.

She dared not stay longer and did not want to be shameless. Song Xi lowered her eyes slightly, opened the car door, and stepped out with one leg.

When she got off and was about to close the door, Qiao Zhisheng, showing his handsome profile as he sat in the car, said, “Come to my company to get the money from the Accounting Department tomorrow.”

Song Xi opened her beautiful eyes wide in surprise and stared at him like silly.

Qiao Zhisheng turned his head and looked into her eyes. He calmly said, “I promised to invest ten million RMB in your hospital. I will stand by what I said. Remember what you said today. I will call you if I need you.”

Song Xi nodded dumbly. The bodyguard came from behind and closed the door. She stood still and looked at his car as it gradually drifted away and eventually disappeared.

It was completely dark. The street lamp elongated her figure. She came to her senses after a long while. She wondered how Qiao Zhisheng guessed she had come here for the money. Based on his reaction, he seemed to have agreed to cooperate with her.

The next morning, just as the Haiwei Group staff clocked in, Song Xi was already at the Accounting Department. When she mentioned that Qiao Zhisheng had asked her to come here, the department director personally gave her 10 million RMB.

With the cheque in hand, she went out. Seeing countless strange and meaningful looks, she felt as if the piece of paper was so heavy and that she had exchanged her dignity for it.

With this light piece of paper, the President will agree to let her operate Dongdong for free. Most realistic of all is that money chases the nightmare away.

When the child innocently asked, “Sister, will I be alright after the operation?”

Song Xi smiles and answered affirmatively. “Yes, you’ll definitely be alright.”

At this moment, she felt that all the humiliation she had suffered were nothing.

The operation on the little patient, which lasted for five and a half hours, was successful. After 48 hours of ICU monitoring, Dongdong was transferred to the general ward. From now on, he did not have to fear that he would not be able to see the latest cartoon on air tomorrow morning after closing his eyes.

Regarding the President’s sudden care and Dongdong’s operation, a rumor went around in the hospital that Chen Hao had given benefits to the hospital because Song Xi had slept with him when the Vice President brought her to join Chen Hao’s dinner party a few days ago. Otherwise, would pennies fall from heaven?

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